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Season Information for Boys:

Season Game Dates

  • Practices will begin in March
  • Games will begin in March 
  • Games are on Saturdays and players will need to travel to away games
  • All Grades will be guaranteed 8 games minimum

Tournament play is to be decided by head coach and team members.


Practice Information

  • Outdoor practices begin in March 
  • Outdoor practices end at AYL Championship tournament.
  • Indoor practices to be determined by individual coach's and are NOT covered by Coyote Lacrosse

How to pick the right team for your player based on age:

Birthdate Age Bracket Likely Grade Level
Born on or after 6/1/2000 U-15 7th or 8th
Born on or after 6/1/2002 U-13 6th or 7th
Born on or after 6/1/2003 U-12 5th or 6th
Born on or after 6/1/2004 U-11 4th or 5th
Born on or after 6/1/2005 U-10 3rd or 4th
Born on or after 6/1/2006 U-9 2nd or 3rd
Born on or after 6/1/2007 U-8 K thru 2nd

Note: All 8th graders that are looking to play High School Lacrosse are encouraged to play U15 regardless of age.


  • Helmet (White Cascade CLH2 recommended)
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Pads
  • Gloves
  • Rib Pads (recommended but not required)
  • Athletic Cup (required for goalies only, but recommended for all players)
  • Cleats
  • Club Uniform (required, available on registration page)
  • Practice Jersey